“Cyprus in Çanakkale – Dardanelles” exhibition of photographs

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

An exhibition of 65 photographs taken by the students attached to the Photography Club of Near East University, was organised at the famous Trojan square of Çanakkale (Turkey).

The exhibition was entitled “Cyprus in Çanakkale – Dardanelles”.

According to the press information released by the Near East University, the exhibition was greatly appreciated by the visitors to the exhibition. The photographs in general exhibited the geography, historical and cultural characteristics of Cyprus.

The idea behind the exhibition was to bring the people of the area nearer to Cyprus.

Before the opening of the exhibition a one minute silence ceremony was held in memory of the fallen in the 1974 Cyprus Peace Operation.

In his opening speech the Provincial Education Director of Çanakkale emphasized the fraternity of the two countries and said ” We are delighted and honoured to see the guests from Cyprus in Çanakkale and to see the historical texture, nature and cultural characteristics of Northern Cyprus. The continuation of this project will be crowned with the Çanakkale Exhibition in Cyprus. The Republic of Turkey, at any time and in any condition is in support of our brothers, the Turkish Cypriot people”.

The students of the Near East University Photography Club will open a “Çanakkale Photography Exhibition in Northern Cyprus” in May with photos taken as a result of a 6-day workshop in Çanakkale as part of the “Çanakkale in Cyprus” project.