Looking Inwards, a topic by Nick Vye

By Nick Vye ….
Sanctuary ….

In today’s hustle and bustle world, with all its pressures and stresses in life, it’s very hard to find the time to look inwards at ourselves.

With family commitments and our working lives, in order to sustain the situation that we are living in, it’s very difficult to stop and reflect on where we are at from a spiritual perspective.

By missing out on this part of our lives we are losing the very essence of what life’s meaning is all about. To come to the realisation, that we are all connected and a part of everything that surrounds us, here and above.

This may seem a far off opinion when your own life is going through a hard or difficult time. Sometimes we just need to stop for a while, step back and let it be. Only then can we discover answers that we thought weren’t available to us. When we are still and connected to our inner self (soul) that’s when it becomes clearer to see the way forward and out of the negative state we find ourselves in. Don’t forget your inner state of consciousness reflects the outer world in which you live.

By using your imagination and the right thinking (positive) you can change your world around you. With focus and attention on what you want and need in your life, this can materialise into being. It’s a bit like having a dream you always thought about, eventually it must come into existence. Ask people who have achieved this, they never ever let go of that dream, no matter what they went through in their lives.

Only time will tell, is an expression many eminent people say. After all time is just an illusion in this world. When we are doing something we enjoy or are totally immersed in we are never aware of time. Take young children for an example, there’s no time in their world.

So relax, take a couple of slow deep breaths, be still and quiet. Ask your inner self for what you need in your life. Happiness is our own responsibility, not others, they can add to it of course.

Take care, with thanks and gratitude, love light and peace.

Nick Vye Sanctuary.