GAU organised the 2019 Maritime and Naval Security Forum

By Ahmet Abdulaziz …..

Recently the Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies (TASAM) & National Defense and Security Institute (MSGE) and Girne American University (GAU) and American University of Cyprus (KAU) collaboratively held a forum with the theme of “New Maritime Security Ecosystem”

According to the press information released by the Girne American University the main theme of the forum was subclassified as  “New Maritime Security Ecosystem and Eastern Mediterranean”,  and had sub-themes of the extremely important problem of Turkey and TRNC’s future, New Maritime and Naval Security”, and; “Future and Vision of Turkey’s Maritime Ecosystem”, “Structuring of Turkish Navy and Force Distribution / Force Focusing” “Greece`s Military Activities in the Aegean and the Security of the Islands”, “Exclusive Economic Zone Debates and Maritime Law Violations”, “The Place and Importance of Environmental Policies in Maritime Safety”, “Current Situation and Sectoral Analysis of Turkish Maritime Trade”, “Defense Industry Studies on MİLGEM and Maritime Security”, “Turkey`s Shipbuilding Shipbuilding Capabilities”, “Hinterland and Port Expansion Plans of Turkey”, “The Importance of Maritime Tourism in the Country Economy”, “Security of the Black Sea after the Kerch Strait Crisis”, “Aegean Sea Security and Aggressive Discourses after Kardak Crisis” “Areas in Turkey`s Sovereignty ‘fait accompli’” “Energy Supply Security and the New Ecosystem of Competition in the Eastern Mediterranean”, “Turkey`s Deep Sea Drilling Capabilities” and “Construction of a Turkish Naval Base in Cyprus Debate”

Nişantaşı University faculty member of the forum attendees Dr. Gökhan Ak, in his opening speech emphasized the importance of activities such as these and said; Such events are the kind of things we need to deal with. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the organization of this event.

Chief of Staff of Navy Rear-admiral Cihat Yaycı emphasized that he especially wanted to participate in this forum and thanked the organizers of the event; “Although the Forum has a great meaning, it also answers a big question. Turkey’s not only a motherland with its land, but its seas and airspace above it as well. Of course, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is a very important part of our country.”

Yaycı said they were trying to fit the concepts in the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish nation, and stressed the importance of creating the doctrine of maritime connections in the media and the need for very serious maritime safety.

Chairman of TASAM Süleyman Şensoy emphasized that being a naval force depends on the becoming more maritime as a society and state and said  “Although activity has been shown in maritime security by associations, foundations and non-profit organizations, there is a need for think tanks and institutions that can evaluate all aspects of marine geopolitics and maritime power together and contribute to maritime by analyzing the maritime power; offer scientific options to capacity-makers, entrepreneurs, investors and decision-makers

Şensoy emphasized importance of maritime-themed networks between Turkey and other countries and providing academic contribution towards the creation; he stated that in every field related to maritime, regional, continental and global developments should be followed and academic suggestions should be directed to international relations, defense, security, economy, law and socio-cultural policies.