Kuzey Kibris Klasik Ve Spor Otomobil Kulübü rally was a great success

CyprusScene recently had the opportunity of advertising the Girne Park AVM Centre Car Rally which was being held on Sunday 28th April but were unable to go along and witness North Cyprus Classic and Sports Car Club Rally.The good news is one of our readers David Miller who participated in this rally with his wife a co-pilot sent us a few pictures by Semavi Aşık  of themselves  competing and this is what he had to say about the event and more pictures can be seen of the event by clicking here.

Readers mail…..
From David Miller…..

We met at Girne Park AVM Centre Mall and had tea or coffee and lots of yummy cakes and then had lots of good cars to look at.

Then the Kuzey Kibris Klasik Ve Spor Otomobil Kulübü rally started and off we went at minute intervals on the rally along lovely mountain roads lined by flowers and the special stages were timed by the club.

A drinks and olive bread stop had been arranged for the 30 mins section and then off we go again seeing lots of places we had never seen before even after 12 years being in Cyprus.

Lots of  little back roads skirting the mountain then back after 3 hours fun to the Girne Mall for a lovely dinner and drinks and prizes being given out.

It was really a great day out and all for 120TL  per car pilot and co pilot with lots of great friendly people all loving the classic cars.

David Miller driving his Jensen Healey