Crystal Energy by Nick Vye

By Nick Vye ….
Sanctuary ….

Today most of our technology we use has silicon dioxide chips in it. Examples are, televisions, watches, mobiles, computers etc, this is Quartz Crystal.

It is unlike man made energy that fluctuates and is constant in its vibrations, only varying from crystal to crystal. They can store energy they receive, transform energy, transmit energy, amplify energy etc.

But ancient civilisations like Atlantis and Lemuria, were far more advanced with its uses, we have only just scratched the surface. Each crystal I have found has a living elemental earth spirit inside it, which I can communicate with by my mind.

Crystals need a supplier, most of it comes from electricity or batteries or sun or moon energies. Whatever deity you believe in, God, Allah, Buddha etc supplies this energy. It flows down through my crown chakra through both arms and dissipates from my hands and fingers. This I feel go into the crystal I’m using. It then amplifies this energy and transmits it to whom or wherever I direct it by my thoughts to the crystal.

Many crystals are already programmed, like computers by nature to do certain work or can be programmed to a special task by you.

Again their energy is neutral and the user must respect his or her crystal uses, as energy follows thoughts. There’s so much more I could write about these wonderful gifts to us from nature’s mother earth.

If you prefer, come and talk to me or experience the energy from them at the Sanctuary Lapta.