July 5, 2022

By Ahmet Abdulaziz…..

Everything changes over the passage of time, so does the handwriting too. I never believed that until I found myself changing my writing style.

Before going into detail, I would like to say that my handwriting was different until I came to Northern Cyprus. Once I arrived in the TRNC, I found that my style of writing was not very understandable here. In fact my style of writing was not very common here.

So I decided to change my style a bit.

However just to explain what I am discussing here, I am sharing my previous and present styles of writing.

I remember when I was in primary school, way back during the 1960s, our teachers were very particular about our handwriting. Right from the very first class in primary school, we were asked to write on copies which used to have four horizontal lines, and we were taught to write between the second and third lines. Our teachers would give us homework, where we were supposed to copy the words as written by the teacher on top of the page. I remember any mistake would cost us dearly, since we would have to write the same line or word 50 or 100 times, before we left the school.

So all in the class were very careful and particular when writing English on the four lined copies.

I think I had always been good at writing. My handwriting was quite good when I was in fifth class. I remember on many occasions I had helped classmates in completing their work.

My father too was very particular about good handwriting. He had good handwriting himself, and was always helping us in improving our handwriting.

So I grew up giving much importance to handwriting. Good handwriting in those days meant additional points in tests.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that since there was no computer in those days, we all had to write down everything by hand. (I am clarifying this because I am sure some new generation youngsters also read my column).

So until the age of 36, I continued writing with much care and always wanted to make it clear and beautiful. The long loops, the capital letters and their balancing with the other small letters, used to be main feature of my handwriting.

However, after I came to the TRNC, I found that not much importance was given to handwriting here.   In primary schools the style of handwriting is different, so obviously there are no long loops, and the alphabets have not been written attached to each other.

So in my earlier days in TRNC I noticed that people usually found it difficult to read what I wrote. They were not used to the way that my handwriting was done. On the contrary I was not finding their handwriting difficult to read.

So I decided to change my style. Now I no longer attach alphabets with each other. I no longer write Capital letters in the beginning of a word, in decorative style. I do not make long loops for g, y, z.

But I can say that even so my handwriting is still good. I like it in both forms.

However there is one important point here which needs attention. With computers now everywhere, people are no longer writing much by hand. So when they write less, their handwriting is suffering. They do not care about the balancing of alphabets, or try to make it attractive.

Nowadays, people usually avoid writing by hand. They prefer to write on the computer. Obviously, writing on a computer is not only fast but is also easier.

I wonder, if the next generation would forget writing by hand in future?

What do you say to it?  Just think.

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