Adventure on the road with cyclist Abdulhalim Akçay Part 10

By Ahmet Abdulaziz…..

Cyprus scene is following Abdulhalim Akçay, who is continuing his long cycling tour of Turkey. He plans to visit 81 provinces and 800 districts in a period of 2 years.

Here is his diary for the period from 1st – 5th April 2019

124th day (01/04/2019)

While in Marmaris, he was interviewed by one of the leading news agencies of Turkey. He found the place very suitable for cycling. The roads were nice and the public cooperative. He found many foreign tourists in the area. The Iranians, the English, the Russians, were all there to spend their holidays. There are many Russians who were permanently settled in Marmaris. He spent the whole day cycling around, sightseeing and taking photos.

125th day (02/04/2019)

He reached DATÇA in the Marmaris area. It was his 5th day in that area. Datça is at a distance of 70 km from Marmaris. The road is straight, yet with ups and downs. He had a stop in between where he met Mr. Metin who had spent most of his life in the tourism industry.

The road to Datça was long and he enjoyed the small villages that he passed. Datcha has long beaches. However he found it difficult to find a suitable place to pitch his tent, since most of the people he met did not pay him much attention. Ultimately he found some people who helped him to find a suitable place by the sea, where he pitched his tent and spent the night.

126th day (03/04/2019)

He was cycling in the Marmaris area for about a week, and he was experiencing both summer and winter at the same time. The weather was changing. He left Datça. At a distance of around 15km from Datça he met Mr. Metin, and not only had a good time with him, but also offered him a bath. He took the bath at the house of Mr. Metin. After a wonderful lunch he moved on.  After some 20 more km all of a sudden the weather took a drastic change. It rained a lot, and the temperature dropped. He started feeling cold. There was no other option but to find some place to stop. He found a roadside restaurant. The weather was bad and very cold.

127th day (04/04/2019)

He had left the Marmaris region behind and started off towards KÖYCEĞİZ. It was a small village with a population of over 34,000 people. Here he met Mr. Yilmaz, who helped him a lot. He had a garage of old cars, and showed him his collection of classic cars. He took a lot of photos.

Later on he continued heading towards Gökova which was still far as by evening  he had only just reached Köyceğiz. The weather was really bad. After contacting a couple of people, he spoke to the police of the area, who helped him in finding a place for a night’s stay. A peaceful long sleep compensated him for a long day cycling.

128th day (05/04/2019)

There was a lovely lake near the place where he had spent the night in Köyceğiz. The next morning , after taking some photographs of the natural beauty, he took off for ORTACA.

Reaching Ortaca, he met, Mr. Tarkan, with whom he spent a good time. By evening he met some members of a local cycling club. It was a nice meeting. He was well received in Ortaca.

He had a nice time meeting them, and they arranged for food and also a night’s stay for him.