First aid courses given to Girne Municipality Police (Zabıta)

Girne Municipality Police Department (Zabıta) have started to attend the first aid courses given by the Ministry of Health for public officials..

The first group who attended the courses, was awarded the certificate by successfully completing the first aid course programs and evaluation exam. The certificates were given by the expert training nurses Filiz Uzun and Aynur Özkum İzveren. It is aimed that all employees working in the Municipal Police and other municipal staff will receive first aid training.

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü said on the subject, drawing attention to the importance of first aid, people with first aid training are able to save lives through intervention in time of an emergency.  Nidai Güngördü emphasized that immediate intervention is essential in the event of a possible accident and that the first intervention before going to hospital is very important. Güngördü stated that everyone should receive first aid training.