The Mind and the Possibility of Impossibilities

By Nick Vye ….
Sanctuary ….

The sentinel at The Sanctuary with the crystal power wand at the portal of one dimension in the physical world.

It’s the minds role throughout our lives to create the thoughts of fear, apprehension, anxiety, worry etc. All these things can lead to breakdowns in a person’s health. As they say (a healthy mind is a healthy body).

The development of learning to still the mind and bring about positive actions and thoughts, is one of the benefits of meditation or contemplation. The adage – Be still and know thyself, springs to my mind.

When you have peace of mind, then the world you exist in is at peace. Your thoughts become fewer as you become the controller of your own mind. Life takes on a different perspective and you are more content and happy within your inner being. This brings about a healthy body and a relaxed attitude to life.

The Gospel of Mary : Where the mind is, there’s the treasure. Hence the name for our forehead (TEMPLE).

A lot of religions talk about the second coming of our lord. For me this means: When man’s brain builds the temple within himself. We will then unite as a whole and finally realise our true potential and find the POSSIBILITY OF IMPOSSIBILITIES.

With love light and peace to you all.

Nick Vye – Sanctuary


A poem by Nick Vye