Yeni Hastane Yolu in Gazimağusa to become One Way

The Yeni Hastane Yolu (New Hospital Road), connecting DAÜ Bağlantı Yolu (EMU Connecting Road) to the new state hospital and Salamis Yolu, the road leading to İskele, will become a one way road as of  Wednesday 3rd April 2019.

Following the implementation of the decision, drivers will be able to enter Yeni Hastane Yolu from DAÜ Bağlantı Yolu, the main entrance to Gazimağusa before the construction of the new Lefkoşa-Gazimağusa Road.

Traffic and Transportation Services Commission took a decision last week as the road, where traffic runs in opposite directions, was becoming dangerous in terms of traffic safety. The decision of the Commission also includes putting crash barriers along the road, except the entry and exit spots to the Gazimağusa Industrial Zone and around the poles carrying the high-voltage transmission line.

Source:  Ministry of Public Works and Transportation.