Two Acoustic Traffic Signals for the Blind installed In Lefkoşa

Acoustic traffic signal for the blind had been installed at two points in Lefkoşa. One of the signals was installed on the traffic lights at the entrance of Dr. Burhan Nalbantoğlu Hospital and the other on the traffic lights at the Girne Gate, the main entrance of the walled town.

Chairman of the Disabled Solidarity Association Ömer Suay, Chairman of the Coordination Council of Disabled Services Günay Kibrit and council member Orkun Bozkurt inspected the system and expressed their thoughts and suggestions to the Undersecretary of the Ministry Kemal Bağzıbağlı.

To activate the system, a pedestrian must touch the control panel installed on the pole holding the traffic lights. Once the red light is on for the vehicles, the sound indicating green light for pedestrians is activated.

Source; Ministry of Public Works and Transportation