December 9, 2022

By Ahmet Abdulaziz……

Trees are of utmost importance to all everywhere in the world, not just in the TRNC or Cyprus. The practice of planting trees needs to be popularised the world over. The process of planting trees has thus been made part of social activities in the country. The educational institutions in particular carry out such campaigns to keep this practice alive.

With this aim the students of the Preschool Education department of the Girne American University recently organized a tree planting activity in Ozanköy New Picnic Area. The activity was carried out within the scope of  “Community Service Practices” course of the department.

In the project, which was carried out with the title of “Plant Your Seedling, Nurture Your Hope”, alongside GAU The American Nursery School Teachers and students, GAU Preschool Department Head Asst. Dr. Oxana Manolova Yalçın, Community Service Practices Course Academicians, Senior Lecturers Mehmet Ali Ateş and Necla Göktan and the department students took part.

Senior Lecturer Mehmet Ali Ateş addressed the subject by saying that the next generation can cool down in the shade of trees planted by a previous generation. Today, we have introduced our seedlings to the soil together for future generations. Thank you to all those who have been with us and supported us on this meaningful day.

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