The Quest by Nick Vye,  Part 6, The End Game

By Nick Vye ….
Sanctuary ….

The Quest – Part 6 – The End Game

On the long flight home from Cairo Airport, Zac turned to Peter. Well we have completed 3 Quests now and together have gained more experience of life and expanded our conscious awareness of other states of being etc.

These adventures of ours have been a big learning curve for the two of us and I’ve really enjoyed the time we have spent together. Likewise, said Peter, and oh I do get it now exactly.

With that and in tune on the same wavelength with each other. Then with synchronicity and automatic reactions, they both put their airliner seats in the reclining position. With their eyes now shut and their breathing slow and deep, in an instant they were gone, out of their bodies travelling. Another Quest was just about to begin ….. Could be continued in your own lives, think about it !!!


Gopal Das and Rami Nuri are Masters of the ancient  Vairagi Adepts of the Himalayas along with higher entities that have always existed in the leading civilisations of past and present time, also known as the “just men” of the sacred scriptures. In 1965 this unbroken line of Adepts now over 974, released again the Ancient Science of Soul Travel (A.S.O.S.T.) known as ECKANKAR (co-worker with God ). Or ECK the prime action in the whole creation; the life and soul of everything. His name was Paul Twitchell, he wrote over 50 books and laid down the teachings to study.

Today most countries in the world have study groups and here it is taught in Lefkosa, North Cyprus, in Turkish.

I had studied, taught and lectured on this teaching for over 11 years in the past and for the last 28 years I’ve walked my own path, through the knowledge I gained from it. I then continued to lecture, teach and heal, also crystal awareness, and meditation and yoga  here in North Cyprus for the last 19 years. I continue to be here for the benefit of everyone else. The experiences of spiritual travelling I wrote about in THE QUEST are all possible, with study, practice and of course a spiritual Master to guide and show you the way.

With love light and peace,

Nick Vye Sanctuary.