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“All Women are Beautiful Together”, Women’s Day event organised by NEU

By Ahmet Abdulaziz …..

8th March was International Women’s Day, celebrated everywhere in the world.

As it was in the TRNC, where not only government and social organisations celebrated the day, but educational institutions also organised events to show their recognition of the day.

Near East University organised a special event in collaboration with the Dipkarpaz Municipality, in which the students of the Department of Hair Care and Beauty, offered hair treatment and make-up services to the women living in the Dipkarpaz and Kaleburnu region.

According to the press information released by the university ,Dr. Yeşim Üstün Aksoy , the chief organiser of the event, made a statement regarding the matter and expressed that they were rather proud to have held a social responsibility event like this. She added that women were positioned at the core of republican administration and that women played a significant role in reaching the modern conditions of today.

In addition to the above, Dr. Yeşim Üstün Aksoy stated that due to the International Women’s Day, they had jointly worked with the Mayor of Dipkarpaz Suphi Coşkun and Local Authority of Kaleburnu  Mustafa Şah, and she thanked them for their hospitality. She congratulated the International Women’s day of all women and wished them to lead free lives filled with happiness.

It was pointed out that the students of Near East University Department of Hair Care and Beauty also made a statement regarding the event and expressed how happy they were to have taken part in such an event;  taking part in a social responsibility project. They ended their words by expressing that this had been a great opportunity for them to gain experience in their profession.