THE QUEST by Nick Vye, Part 4,  Preparations continued

By Nick Vye ….
Sanctuary ….

The Quest – Part 4 – PREPARATIONS  continued – Lessons 1 and 2.

Peter arrived at Zac’s  large flat in Camden Town, a sought after area near the Regents Park Canal and very popular with tourists, with the Camden Market, Round House music venue and of course the walks along the canal towpath.

1st Lesson

Zac had a large flat, with a special room for meditation and healing etc. Zac welcomed him and led the way to the therapy room. It had two comfortable lounger chairs, a desk and swivel chair and an unusual couch that served as a treatment bed with no ends to it or back rest. Take a comfy chair said Zac, I’m going to tell you over the next year, how to control your mind. You think that’s possible with me said Peter sarcastically. Everything is just a case of discipline, focus, attention, routine and of course the will to want to, answered Zac. Every night, he continued, before you go to sleep, you look back on your day, from awakening to bed time, just let the images flow through your mind as if you were an observer. Don’t dwell on them or pay due attention to them or judgement, just observe yourself and how you were that day. Continue this every night for the next month.

The following month you start to pay a little attention to your images that flow through your mind. Each month after you slowly pay a little more attention and to hold the image a little longer. This eventually starts the mind to slow down the thoughts and images as it begins to learn you can only deal with one at a time. By the 9th month you should be able to control the thoughts as they appear hold it as long as you need and when ready let it go. Eventually as time goes by, you should be able to let each thought come in when you’re ready, then hold it and when ready let it go. At the end of this year, you should be able to control and hold each thought by your own volition. Realising you can control your mind and it does not control you. So now you can let each thought come in when you’re ready, hold it for as long as you want and let it go when you want. This technique we call Retrospective Viewing. After plenty of practising you can stop the thought coming in altogether and if you want to persist, reach the no mind state, when you want it. That’s complete peace of mind. The mind is like a modern day computer but you must be the controller of it. Here ends the first lesson my friend. Let’s have a cuppa and if you have any questions we can discuss them.

No wonder you seem miles away and not here, said Peter. I’m beginning to understand you more clearly now. With that they set the next meeting for 3 weeks time, to report on Peter’s progress and to talk about the imagination. Peter gave a light quip as he went out of the front door. Imagine that he said mockingly.

2nd Lesson

Three weeks flew by and the next session was due. Peter told Zac he had patiently followed Zac’s instructions but it was slow going. Zac replied the old adage Rome was not built in a day. Take your time there’s no rush, stay calm and don’t expect instant results. All these things need practice, there’s no race. We are all going at the pace that’s right for us, no one’s ahead in this field, some claim they are but that’s their EGO talking. Just stick at it, like anything else you want to learn. I want to talk now about Imagination.

This is a creative force energy, not so much connected with the mind as you may think.

We now know energy follows thought, so wherever you place your focus on follows. Likewise with the imagination, if you can’t imagine being in a beautiful place, how can you get there or be aware you’re in it. Imagination is God’s gift to us all, to bring about what we desire in our lifetime. To make it exist you must first imagine it, then place your attention on it and focus and finally assume that you have it already. Sounds complicated to me said Peter. Well I want you to try and experience this process when you are contemplating. Start with somewhere you already know and see if you can move towards it, said Zac in a matter of fact voice. You’ll need this in the near future, when we visit Egypt and the Great Pyramid next year, so get practicing he said with a chuckle in his voice.

Well it’s time for me to get home to the family now exclaimed Peter, it’s getting late. We will keep the meetings going and discover how you’re doing with the exercises each month. It will soon be the date to leave for the Egyptian Adventure and I want you prepared, said Zac, we have other techniques to get through, before we leave, so make haste. Peter was amazed how quick the months went by and how much he had learnt and experienced through Zac’s teachings.

To be continued ……