THE QUEST by Nick Vye, Part 4,  Preparations – The Start

By Nick Vye ….
Sanctuary ….


It was over 2 weeks since the Glastonbury Tor Quest, before they made contact again. There was a lot for Peter to digest and come to terms with. He realised now that his life hadn’t had the depth of feelings he now had experienced. There’s so much more to life, and these thoughts persisted more in his head. He thought about Zac now and understood his detachment from many things and why he always seemed so calm and at peace with himself. I want to obtain that balance myself he thought silently to himself.

They met in the same coffee bar, where the idea of a Quest came to life. Peter was there already and chatting to the dizzy blonde waitress, who looked as if she was hanging on to every word he said. He didn’t even notice Zac come in, until the dizzy blonde said to Peter, your friend just arrived. Peter turned to greet Zac, with a smile and a wink of his twinkling eyes. Hi there, Zac, just ordering the coffees, using it as an excuse to talk with the dizzy blonde. Yeah, okay Peter I’ll go and find us a table. Be over in a minute Zac, but it didn’t sound that positive. Zac chuckled to himself inwardly, he thought if Peter could focus and put as much effort into the Quest as he did with the dizzy blonde, then in no time at all, he would be very aware.

Peter came over to the table Zac was sitting at with a smug look on his face. Just can’t help myself he said reluctantly. Zac smiled back at him. The dizzy blonde brought the coffees over to them and gave Peter that coy glance she did so well. I’ve really enjoyed our adventures so far Zac, what are you planning for us now.

Well Zac replied, how about The Great Pyramid in Egypt. Peter’s jaw dropped open, and he looked startled. Wow, OH MY GOD he replied, one of his favourite expressions when he couldn’t think of anything to say. Zac was finding this very amusing, he liked to see Peter out of his comfort zone. Well you have almost a year before we travel there. Plenty of time to save some money and get used to the idea. In the meantime there’s work to be done, preparations for the experiences you will undertake there. So we will meet up twice a month to do exercises to develop certain things you need to learn, like visualization, retrospective viewing and to be able to be aware of what you are experiencing, without fear. Also the state of detachment and more about living in the Now. Otherwise the trip from a spiritual view point would be wasted. So some work by you needs to be done, of course with my help.

Peter was silent, no words came out of his mouth. Zac could sense his mind’s thoughts going into turmoil. When he did speak, he said humbly okay Zac I’m your man, just teach me. We will teach each other Zac said, otherwise we wouldn’t have become such close friends. No one has all the answers my friend. With that they made arrangements to meet at Zac’s the following week.

They left the coffee bar and stepped out into the busy high street, full of people out to do something and going some place.

…… to be continued