Not just a small achievement by NEU researchers

By Ahmet Abdulaziz…..

The researchers attached to the Near East University, have recently succeeded in preparing software, that automatically converts sign language into written text. However small this achievement may appear,  it is a big achievement in a field where there is still much room for development and further research.

According to the information provided by the Near East University the engineers at Near East University Faculty of Engineering Applied Intelligence Research Center have developed software which is able to translate sign language for people with hearing disabilities, and turn it into letters and text for the hearing people who do not understand sign language.

Taking into consideration not only the limited options for people with hearing disabilities who use sign language as their primary means of communication but also the challenges that may confront a deaf person trying to converse with folks who do not know signing language, NEU engineers have developed a sign-recognition software program that can translate sign language into text.

NEU engineers, who have developed many software programs for autonomous cars, for enabling the disabled to use the mouse and the cursor with head and eye movements, for manual remote object control, for the detection of epilepsy from brain signals, for the detection of the sleeping mode of the driver in a vehicle, stated that they had been continuing to conduct different research studies to serve humanity adding that they would share the results of these studies through scientific publications and conferences under the name of Near East University and the Applied Artificial Intelligence Center.

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  1. This was the norm when I was in Cyprus in the 50’s The Turks were always the favored Regards to all