Adventure on the road with cyclist Abdulhalim Akçay : Part 3

By Ahmet Abdulaziz …

As you know Abdulhalim Akçay, a cyclist, is presently touring Turkey on his bicycle. He intends to complete his tour, covering 81 provinces and 800 districts in a two year period. is following him on a day to day basis.

Hereunder is a summary of his ongoing adventure from 13th  to 19th February 2019.

77th day (13/02/2019)

Spent whole day inside in Gümüldür area, as there was heavy rain outside. He had plans to go to the Menderes area, but could not due to the weather.


78th day (14/02/2019)

Started off from Gümüldür, towards Menderes and Torbali areas. At the speed of 12 kilometres per hour he ultimately reached Menderes. On his way he had stopped for lunch at Ataköy. The strong wind was creating problem, yet he continued moving forward. He had to stop to do some minor repairs to his bicycle, but luckily it was not a serious fault.

He continued to reach Torbali, where Zeliha hanim of Warmshowers arranged for a night’s stay.

The total mileage covered that day was 92 km.


79th day (15/02/2019)

After having a good night’s sleep, and breakfast at Torbalı, he started off for Bayindir. There were flowers not just on both sides of the road but everywhere.

Spent night at Tire.


80th day (16/02/2019)

There were a couple of people who extended their hands to help me in Tire. Left Tire around midday, left for Birgi village.

The whole route was windy, and it took much labour to move forward.

81st day (17/02/2019)

Spent last night in the camp in Birgi village. The night was somewhat cool. He continued to pass through the Bucak village, after passing through a hilly area.  From there he started off for Kiraz, which is also an important place in the area.

After Kiraz, Baydağ was the next stop, which he reached at sunset. Finding a place to stay for the night was difficult, however ultimately the local municipality provided him with a nice room to spend the night.

82nd day (18/02/2019)

Started off at about 9am next morning from Beydağ to Nazili. The route was tough and it was difficult to move on the hilly zigzag road. However there was natural beauty all the way . Here Enis Buğra Tosun and his family arranged for his night’s stay.

83rd day (19/02/2019)

After spending a relaxed night, the next morning he took off from Nazili towards Kuyucak and Karacasu districts . The whole area was beautiful. Mr. Özgür Dedeoluk of Aydınses newspaper did a detailed interview.

He came across some representatives of UNICEF, who took photographs of him. The Karacasu Municipality arranged for his night’s stay at the guest house of the Municipality.