THE QUEST by Nick Vye, Part 2, “Stonehenge”

By Nick Vye ….
Sanctuary ….

The Quest – Part 2 – STONEHENGE

It was late afternoon when they arrived in Salisbury. The light was beginning to fade and darkness was creeping over the horizon. Peter parked the camper van and they started to walk down the main high street, looking for a restaurant to have an early evening meal. Tomorrow they had an early start at 5.00am.

In the small cosy restaurant, Zac started to tell Peter about energy centres around the world and how like the ones in your body, they were the earth’s chakras. Zac listed them from 1-7.

So another Quest would be to visit another one. Peter was amazed, he knew a little about the body ones but had no idea about the earth ones. Zac said to Peter, you have a lot to learn, we haven’t even started yet. I thought you were strange Zac but now I know you are he mimicked. Have you got a whole life time to listen to me, Zac said haughtily?

Time had disappeared, it always did when you were in Zac’s company, he reminded himself. Okay we’d better head off now and find somewhere to park your van for the night, as it’s 9.30pm and we’re up at 5.00am, Zac said as he paid the bill. Outside the chill October air, felt damp as they walked back to the van and headed off to find a secluded spot not far from Stonehenge, where they could spend the night.

The alarm on Peter’s travel clock went off and they woke up with a start. Zac made them both a hot cuppa tea, before they set off to the monument. Peter grabbed a couple of rubber ground mats as he knew the earth would be damp with the morning dew. Zac and Peter were both wearing warm winter Parkas as they made their way along the narrow track that led to Stonehenge. Peter had brought a torch from the van to help show the way, as it wasn’t yet light enough to see clearly. Zac guided them to a spot he felt was right and told Peter to place the mats there. Peter, Zac said, we’re going to sit cross legged, with our backs straight, our hands resting on our knees and forefinger and thumb touching lightly, with our palms flat out. Then as soon as the sun breaks the horizon and hits the keel stone and sends a beacon of light down alongside us, we will close our eyes and bring the focus of attention to our 3rd eye, between your eyebrows. Okay, Peter answered got ya. Then I will chant the mantra HU for a few minutes, to raise our awareness before we go into silence and close our eyes.

The last thing Zac was aware of was the sunlight hitting him with a warm glow as his consciousness expanded taking him out of his body and he was looking down on the two of them, as he ascended into another plane of consciousness. At his left hand side but unaware he was there was Peter, eyes still shut and a peaceful look on his face and he seemed very serene.

In an instant one of Zac’s Masters appeared Gopal Das, he had been a living Master in Ancient Egypt before. He escorted them into the Temple of Golden Wisdom called Askleposis, at the top of the Astral Worlds. What was experienced there by them, must stay with the aspirant and cannot be discussed with another.

The next thing Peter was aware of was the gentle soft voice of Zac, speaking to him. Where was I said Peter, I’ve no idea but one hour has disappeared from my life Zac. Don’t worry said Zac, you may recall the wonderful experience you had at a later date. They both looked at each other and laughed.

to be continued……