Why do I not like pets?

By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

I had written on the same topic last year, but this is the topic which has a direct relationship with my daily life.

I do not like pets, like other people do.  I keep a distance with pets. Why am I like this? I have tried to think over this, many  times, but never got a convincing answer.

May it be a dog or a cat, or birds, for the whole of my life I remained away from them. I do not know why but there may be some reason, behind it. There might be some bad experience of my childhood regarding pets, which I do not remember, which might be the reason for my anti-pets opinion. I must not mention it as an anti-pets opinion. I am not against them. I personally, simply do not like them and I do not know the reason.

I remember, when I was just 5 or 6 years old, there used to be one pet dog, named Hercules, in the house of my grandparents. After it had died,  I never saw any other dog in either the house of my grandparents or of my parents.

My father once developed a liking for fish. He had bought two aquariums, and had put some fish of different colours in them. He used to take care of them, but I was not interested in them. Later on he got a small parrot, which became accustomed to him.  I remember, during the 1970s he used to carry him on his shoulder inside the house. He tried hard to teach him some words, but failed. That particular parrot remained part of our family for quite long time but I never developed a liking . I remember I never held the parrot in my hand or gave food to him.

I never had anti-pets sentiments, but I simply never wanted to get involved with them.

In my post marriage period of life, I found out that my wife had a serious interest in birds. For the last  30 plus years of our married life, it is just herself who takes care of her birds, not me.

When our children started growing up, they showed an interest in dogs. There had been different types of dogs in our house (not inside). Most of them were raised by my wife and children. They took very good care of them, but I never became a part of that.

The dogs also, on their part, never expected anything from me, as they always knew that I was not the right person to display signs of love or whatever.  I always remained a neutral person, rather a non-existent person for the pet dogs of our family.

Right now we have a 7 year old male Pitbull in our house. This was brought  when only  a few days old  by my son. For the last seven years it has been in our house. I did not take any interest in him for the  first five years. However, back in 2016 when my whole family had gone to Pakistan, leaving me and the dog behind, there was no other choice for me but to take care of the dog.

My wife and children had trained me in advance, during the last few days, before leaving for Pakistan, about my duties. It was not just the dog, I was supposed to take care of the birds too. There were so many birds, in three cages. Even to date I do not know which bird is a lovebird or other species. I do not even know the types of the birds.  I classified them as small birds and large birds.

After my family left for the month long tour, there was no other option for me but to get involved in all this. I  personally tried to understand the feelings of the dog, when I tried to take him out for stroll, for the first time.  Like me he was also feeling uneasy. However, a stroll twice a day, was enough to adjust both of us with each other. However, it never remained a bond of liking, but an understanding due to the circumstances.

Regarding the birds, unfortunately, I lost 5 birds the first day. I tried to be more cautious about their food and water, and the way to keep them covered under the sun, etc etc. But I could not do that successfully.  In the period of a month, most of the birds had died.

On return back after a month, I remember the facial expression of my wife, when she saw the bird cages almost vacant. I had tried to reduce her grief  by showing that there were still some left (hahahahaha), but of no use. She went to the pet shop the next day, to replace the lost ones.

However, there is only one positive change in the situation since then. My family realised that I could manage taking the dog out. So it has become my duty to take the dog out early in the morning. Though still we are not friends, we are not enemies either. For the last two years me and our dog  have been living a life of no love/no hate.

Right now my wife has brought home a parrot.  Since it’s inside the house,  I have to bear all the sounds that he produces. I have to watch and listen to training sessions, in which my wife tries to teach the parrot some words. She repeats the same word again and again, with the hope that he will learn it. But so far no success.

Interestingly the parrot has learned to produce the sound of telephone bell. This is a big success, which has made my wife work harder in her teaching lessons, but as you can understand, frequently we hear the telephone and run to pick it up, just to find that it was he (the parrot) who was practicing the sound.

Well this is my life with pets. I still keep a neutral position. No love/no hate.

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