Statement issued on World Cancer Day by EMU

By Ahmet Abdulaziz……

The Dr. Fazil Küçük Faculty of Medicine of Eastern Mediterranean University, recently issued a statement, providing valuable information and guidance to the general public. The statement was issued on the occasion of World Cancer Day. The statement included the following: “As the Dr. Fazıl Küçük Faculty of Medicine on this year’s February 4th World Cancer Day, with the theme “I am and I will”, we consider it our duty to raise awareness about the illness of our era; cancer. 9.6 million people worldwide die of cancer. We know that 1/3 of the frequently encountered cancer types can be prevented. With early diagnosis and the right treatment strategies, 3.7 million lives can be saved .”

“Cancer is when a normal group of cells start multiplying uncontrollably and start to damage the body by first spreading to surrounding tissue, then to the entire body itself. Cancer can form due to various reasons: Advanced age, genetic tendency, some immune system diseases etc. Some other known agents are alcohol, being overweight, excessive consumption of red meat, processed meat, burnt meat, synthetic sweetening agents, salted nutrients, conserved food, hydrogenated fats, insufficient consumption of fruits and vegetables, and extremely hot or cold food. Smoking can cause numerous types of cancer; lung, lips, mouth, inner mouth, and throat cancer being at the top of the list. Gama, X and radon rays are among high energy radiation cancer agents. Also, the ultraviolet rays emanating from the sun can cause skin cancer. We also know that agents such as chemical paint and asbestos also cause cancer. It is also known that the HPV virus causes cervical cancer, the hepatitis viruses cause liver cancer and EBV viruses cause lymphoma”.

Suggestions to Prevent Cancer

Dr. Fazıl Küçük Faculty of Medicine suggests the following to prevent cancer:

  • A dynamic lifestyle: regular physical activities reduce the risk of intestine, breast and cervical cancer
  • Quality sleep
  • Knowing one’s body: self-examinations and noticing other anomalies forming on one’s body
  • Raising awareness on cancer
  • Watching out for electromagnetic pollution
  • Awareness on breastfeeding: breastfeeding for a sufficient amount of time can have preventive effects on cancer development
  • Preventive inoculation: the HPV vaccination should not only be applied to girls, but also to boys from the age of 12.
  • Awareness on infection risks
  • Prostate checks for males over 40
  • Mammography checks for women over 40, smear tests and self-examinations

“For some types of cancer, we admit that no current treatments can be a solution; however for most, many things can be done. We can even prevent the cancer from forming in the first place.  Avoiding all these precautions, leaving it up to fate and giving into pessimism is an outdated approach. Preventing cancer and getting treated can only be realised with awareness. Most of the time knowing the causes, knowing one’s own body, awareness on what one is capable of and determination can solve the problem”.