Adventure on the road with cyclist Abdulhalim Akçay : Part 1

By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

39 years old Abdulhalim Akçay is on a very difficult adventure.  He is touring the whole of Turkey on his bicycle. His goal is to visit 81 provinces and 800 districts of the country.  Indeed it is not a simple task.

I am trying to follow him through his daily posts in the social media. I intend to keep our readers abreast of his movements .

Starting on 28th November 2018, presently he is touring the western part of the country. So far he has visited TEKİRDAĞ, KIRKLARELİ, EDİRNE, ÇANAKKALE, MANİSA and İZMİR.

During the last week, he stayed for over 2 days in İzmir, where he was not only interviewed by television channels, but also had sufficient time to rest and to meet the people, who either follow him on social media or met him on the way. He took a tour of the city and took photographs.

He reached Karaburun on 2nd February, from İzmir. On this route he went through KEMALPAŞA, NAZAR KÖY and URLA.

He reached KÜÇÜKBAHÇE on 4th February, 2019 from KARABURUN. It was a difficult route, which made him terribly tired at the end of the day.

However the next day (5th February 2019) he travelled for a short distance of 39km to reach ILDIR. He took the opportunity to take a complete rest there. He visited interesting historical places in that area.