New issue of NEU “Near Health” magazine published

By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

The 9th edition of “Near Health” magazine of Near East University Hospital has been published. With the main object of  providing contemporary information and up to date treatments in the field of health to the public, the latest issue presented the main detailed file about “Child Health and Diseases.”

According to the press release of the Near East University,  the free of charge magazine published by the Near East University Hospital has been published in Turkish and English, once again, to provide its readers of advancements in the field of health; including significant developments which many people are expected to benefit from.

The Near East University Hospital commenced publishing the Near Health magazine with the aim to provide its readers with present-day information and improved treatments in the field of health. The magazine, prepared by the health specialists and highly experienced physicians of the Near East University Hospital, carries  full and rich information-prepared to create awareness on issues related to health.

In the 9th edition of the magazine, where the Near East University Hospital specialist doctors have shared their accumulated knowledge, there is a special file which in this edition focuses on “Child Health and Diseases”. It comprises health matters related to premature babies, Hypertension in Children, Development and Developmental Problems in early Childhood Period, Viral Diseases in Children, Kidney Development in Embryos, Foreign Body Aspiration in Infants, and Paediatric Anaesthesia. In addition to the above, the 9th issue also has information on microbiology, dermatology, cardiology psychology, internal diseases, urology, surgery, gynaecological diseases and birth, oncology and matters concerning physical therapy, emergency services, laser, allergies, sleep and thoracic diseases.