Trevor’s Tips: Buying and selling a private car in the TRNC

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We receive many enquiries for information in response to our publications on Cyprusscene and below is the reply from my wife Mary to an enquiry about buying and selling a private car in the TRNC.

Thank you ,
Trevor Hughes


Thank you so much for all your help Trevor – all done and dusted and now awaiting the new license !!  l’ve been reading through your “Trevor’s Tips” for any info on the procedure to sell our car and buy ourselves a new one, but can’t find anything that is pretty recent.

As we have never done this before and the car that we have at the moment is our first car here and was bought through a garage we are at a loss as to the correct procedure for both the selling and buying – Can you point me to any info on this for us please ?

Very many thanks



Hi Marie

To renew your TRNC licence you will only need the following and you do not need  a Muhtars letter and you can do this for up to 10 years.

  • Official form filled in in BLUE INK.
  • 2 Official driving licence photo’s.
  • Copy of the photo page of your passport.
  • TRNC driving licence (original)
  • The fee

Selling a car privately.

We have the official form here at Capital Bank in Alsancak, and we can guide you through the procedure as ıt can be complicated selling a car  privately.

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Customer Representative
Capital Bank

0533 886 2503

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