THE QUEST by Nick Vye, Part 1, “The Plan”

By Nick Vye ….
Sanctuary ….

The Quest – Part 1 – THE PLAN

They had agreed to meet next Thursday at 7-30 pm in a coffee bar in North London. It was raining when Zac arrived and as he pushed open the door, he could see Peter, sitting at the far end by the window. Condensation had already appeared on the window, making it misty. Peter was trying to look out of it. He turned saw Zac approaching and stood up, ready to shake his hand.

Both men were tall and over 6 ft but Zac had the edge on him at 6 ft – 3ins tall. Peter’s build was heavier and he had short silver grey hair, that made him look quite distinguished like a Roman Senator. Zac had known him before in a previous life-time, when they were both Centurion Soldiers of Rome. Peter was a Legionnaire Commander and pulled rank on Zac who was only a captain but they had become good friends. This life-time Peter used to tease Zac about his rank over his friend but now Zac had the advantage being a lot wiser. Peter was nice looking with blue eyes that sometimes twinkled when he was amused, and had a strong jaw line. Zac was lean and wiry and had long dark grey hair, which sometimes he tied up on top of his head like a Samurai Warrior. He had been one in a previous time in China. He had dark brown eyes that seemed as if they could look right through to the very soul of you. His mouth and lips were full and generous and he looked younger than Peter although he was older.

The waitress a dizzy looking blonde woman, with too much make-up on, brought over the latte coffees Peter had ordered. He thanked her with that smile and twinkling blue eyes. She smiled back at him coquettishly. Peter had a way with women and knew it. His eyes followed as she made her way back to the counter. Peter had been married and divorced with a grown up daughter. Now he was living with a new partner, more than 10 years younger. Zac on the other hand had never been married but had a few long term relationships, and no children that he knew of. He didn’t have the confidence Peter had with women. It was usually the woman who made the initial contact with Zac, as he generally thought he wasn’t attractive to women and had spent many years on his own. Peter was always trying to get him together with someone but Zac was a lone wolf, unsure where he stood with a woman. He was attractive in a strange and mysterious way and was very hard to figure out. Most people were a little wary of him, although his disposition was friendly, kind and sensitive to others, even complete strangers. I suppose you would call him a humanitarian nowadays.

Zac pulled out a note pad and pen from a shopping bag, placing them on the formica coffee table with a slap, trying to bring Peter’s attention from the dizzy blonde waitress’s rear end. Sorry said Peter sarcastically but that was worth looking at. Well said Zac firmly, I’ve decided on our first Quest, it will be to Stonehenge. Most people knew of it or had seen pictures or had even visited it. Zac had been there before a couple of times but Peter never.

Peter had a large van he had converted and fitted out like a mobile home. It slept three and had all the usual commodities. Peter’s job was a furniture designer and maker, so the van was very well fitted out. We can travel down to Salisbury in the day and get up the next morning at 5-00 am to catch the autumn sunrise mid October, illuminating the key stone in the circle. Then we will contemplate the experience and expand our awareness. Peter looked on in surprise but he knew somehow, his life was about to change for the better….. To be continued.