March 27, 2023

Nick Vye is in the process of writing a short story with the title “The Quest”.  This week he is writing an introduction to the story and this will be followed by weekly episodes which we look forward to publishing for him.

By Nick Vye ….
Sanctuary ….


Zachary stood in the pleasant suburbia leafy garden, with a shandy in his hand. The warmth of the sun on that late September afternoon took the chill out of him. Close by huddled around the smoking B/B/Q were some of his friends. They had burger buns in their hands or grilled sausage rolls and a can of lager in the other. Occasionally one turned towards him raised his can, as if to acknowledge him. Zac did the same back although he felt apart from them as he wasn’t a drinker. Leaves were beginning to softly float down from the trees, autumn was about to begin…

He could hear them talking as they raised their voices regarding the conversation, which Zac could tell was about the football teams they supported. Whether they had won or lost their games. Apart from them, but close by, their wives, partners or girl friends were discussing the latest trends in fashion. Zac knew nothing much about football politics and unions etc. He was just not interested in those things and couldn’t understand why men were so enthralled about football. To him it was crazy that someone earned so much money for kicking a ball up and down a pitch and if lucky into the goal. Why were they so competitive, against each other. He had never played games to win or compete but just to enjoy them. Why did men, have the need to beat one another in games or even fight, kill or wound their fellow men.

Zac felt an outsider, a non conformist. Life to him was an adventure, to discover the real meaning of it and the purpose why we are here. For him life had been a Quest to discover more about the hidden knowledge and awareness of everything around him. The mysteries that needed to be solved, the ancient civilisations that seemed to know more than us. The sacred energy sites around the world, whose energy lifted you up and expanded your consciousness.

One of his close friends, Peter, came over to talk with him. They had known one another for over 20 years but he knew that Peter only slightly understood him but nevertheless accepted him. You seem miles away he said to Zac. He was used to seeing that deep faraway look in his friend’s eyes, he often wondered where Zac really was at any given time, certainly not here he felt. They passed some small talk and then Zac said, Peter have you ever felt like going on a Quest. What do mean he answered hesitating. You know, like visiting somewhere that has unusual characteristics, example Stonehenge, Glastonbury Tor, Solomon’s Temple, Ancient Cities like Machu Picchu, Nazca Lines in Peru and the huge Stone Giants of Easter Island and so forth. No said Peter not really, too many everyday problems and things fill my head. The stress of coping with daily life and my family commitments is enough for me he exclaimed.

Zac gave a little laugh. Okay, but if you could leave all that behind for a couple of weeks and join me on an adventure Quest  to find out more about life, yourself and see a wider picture of the world you live in, would you do it? You’re a strange man Zac, always seeking answers for yourself, never accepting only the ones you have discovered in your life to be true to you. Well what’s your answer Peter. Okay I’ll join you, he said apprehensively to Zac’s surprise. Right said Zac, lets meet up soon and plan our first Quest.

to be continued …………

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