NEU gains another distinction with 1200 publications and 3 patents in 2018


By Ahmet Abdulaziz……

In 2018, Academic Members of Near East University made over 1200 international publications in journals indexed in Web of Science and in Scopus databases.

Through this achievement, Near East University is among the first 10 universities in Turkey, and in the first 5 with publication made per academic member.

According to the press release issued by the University, due to more than 1200 international publications made by Near East University scholars in journals indexed in two world wide used databases, Web of Science and Scopus, it has become among the first 10 state and foundation universities in Turkey; alongside being among the first 5 based on publications made per academician.

Details were provided regarding the publications made by the scholars of Near East University, stating that the publications were in Fundamental Sciences, Medicine and Health Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Educational Sciences, Social Sciences and Sciences. In fact, it was emphasised that the publications were found to be 86.5% original.

As one of the leading universities of education-training and research, Near East University Scientific Research Projects Coordination Unit (YDÜ-BAP) is currently running joint projects with highly prestigious universities in the world; for instance, University of Harvard, Oxford and Exeter. The projects are expressed to be on education and training-requiring cooperation in research and joint publications. It was pointed out that currently, 176 projects conducted under the body of Near East University Scientific Research Projects Coordination Unit were being funded by the Near East University.

Near East University is fully aware and is proud to fulfil the required dimensions of science-invention-technology-method since it aims to contribute to the development of the country; alongside the welfare of the public. In addition to the scientific research, publications and awards received in congresses, Near East University has made 3 patent applications within the last month in the fields of pharmacy, medicine and engineering. Moreover, future plans to increase the number of patents and innovative works in order to commercialise products have also been stated by the university authorities.