Deja vu and Reincarnation, by Nick Vye

By Nick Vye ….
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Deja vu is the feeling of having already experienced a present situation from before. Many people have this feeling, sometime or somewhere, during their lifetime.

This is because, if we accept the theory of reincarnation, then we could have been in that place in a previous lifetime. Of course that area would have changed or that building is no longer there etc. It is the vibrational energy that still exists there, when we were alive then; that we experience in this lifetime. It is a feeling of knowingness that we can’t explain to ourselves.

If total awareness is the God given state of enlightened consciousness, then how can one lifetime’s experiences make that possible. We need to experience all aspects of the world we live in. Examples – Rich or Poor, Sick or Well, Happy or Sad, Good or Bad, Angry or Contented etc etc. This cannot be achieved in one lifetime.

As we are soul (spiritual beings) and planet earth is the kindergarten of learning, we need many lives. Gradually soul develops through these earthly incarnations, to become aware of its true purpose and return to its source, where it was originally created but lacked the realisation of what or where it came from. Hence the need for reincarnation to develop through many lifetimes this realisation.

Many religions mention this in their teachings, especially the very old ones I will write more on this subject at a later date, which includes the law of karma, cause and effect.

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