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Jessic Friends of Karsiyaka School Children presentation


By Margaret Sheard ….

We were pleased to be invited to a presentation at Karşiyaka Primary School by Mus and Deniz Aziz via their fundraising project of Jessic Friends of Karşiyaka School Children Society which has already achieved so much for the school since they started in 2017.  Also present were Malcolm Mitcheson and James Patterson who are also very active in this project.

Fundraising takes place at Jessic Bar & Restaurant in Karşiyaka and 100% of the money raised goes to the projects that directly benefit the children of Karşiyaka.  Since its creation the Society has raised over 50,000TL for the first two phases at the school.

We met the headmistress of the school, Yildiz Zayif, who is so enthusiastic about the help the school is receiving for the benefit of the 200 pupils attending.  There were many smiling faces as we were shown the Library which is also now being used as the new Media section and then a visit to the Auditorium which has been transformed from one large room into 3 separate sections, one with a huge electric roller door and the other with bifold doors to the stage/playroom.  This gives 3 separate classrooms which can all be opened up as a theatre, if required.   This was included in Phase 1 for the Jessic Friends, as can be seen below.

Phase 1, the set-up of a new media room and upgrade to the auditorium, has now been completed.

  • Repairs to the stage, and to the stage bifold doors, and supplied and fitted an electric roller door to divide the room when needed
  • Repairs to plaster work and repainted
  • 5 new laptop computers have been purchased
  • Wireless connection service for computers has been installed
  • A projector and screen have been installed
  • Computer carts and carts for library books have been provided
  • We have donated many age appropriate English language books for the children.
  • The passageway between the classroom and washroom has been re-covered for the kindergarten children, so they’ll be protected from all weather.

Phase 2 has now started, and this is where it gets exciting. We will be providing ‘Lego’ educational electronic technical kits, and arranging for the teachers to learn how to use them. More information on the kits can be found by clicking here:

These kits are great educational aids to help encourage ‘STEM’ enthusiasm, as well as teaching teamwork, project management, and most importantly, how to learn from mistakes!


Already used widely in private schools, Karsiyaka will be amongst the first state schools to put them to use.

Please get in touch if you’d like to know more.

English: Malcolm 0533 869 9745 Turkish: Deniz 0533 858 7322

If anyone has any unwanted Lego stored away which is no longer used, this would be of great benefit to the children, so if you would like to donate any items please contact Malcolm or Deniz on the above telephone numbers.

We were very impressed with the school as a whole, the children all looked very happy and were very well behaved and we are sure they are going to benefit from the efforts of Jessic Friends of Karşiyaka School Children to help them along through their early years and give them a good start to their journey through education.

To see more pictures of our visit to Karşiyaka Primary School see the slideshow below :

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