A recollection from the Ural Mountains in Russia


By Nick Vye ….
Sanctuary ….

A recollection from the Ural Mountains in Russia.

A vision I saw from thousands of years ago in this area, stood a beautiful crystal domed city. It was created by our brothers and sisters from an advanced race that came from a distant star system.

It had its own energy supply and healing chambers like crystal hollowed out pods that you laid inside of. These pods were made of the different varieties of quartz coloured crystal. They represented the colours of the seven major chakras i.e. Amethyst Quartz, Indigo Quartz, Blue Sapphire Quartz, Green Quartz, Lemon Quartz, Orange Quartz, and Cherry Quartz. There was also a Golden Quartz for higher advanced work.

During the treatment there were special focused coloured rays, travelling up and down your body. These rays revitalized the cells in your body and then streams of energized water flushed over you. This experience was like coming out of the womb and being reborn again.

The huge domed crystal roof was unbelievable in its size. Around the outside of this huge structure were 3 metre tall tapered clear quartz crystals, sunk into the ground. From underneath these were pure copper tubes more than an inch in diameter, which ran from outside the city to the main base at the centre of the city. There they touched all around the base of the Giant Earth Keeper Crystal. This was the size of a normal house. This (Earth Keeper Crystal) was actually found in the Urals and a man standing next to it looks like a midget. It weighs around 80 tons. It has the acquired knowledge of all mankind from the beginning stored within it.

So now as we have reached a little into the Silicon Age we are starting to realize the power of these wonderful gifts from Mother Nature. We still have only scratched the surface of these magical crystals, which have been here for thousands of years waiting for us to develop before they manifested themselves.

They cannot be carbon dated and don’t show up on security screens, only as shadows. By 2025 they will be used like we use electricity today. They will be essential to our daily lives.

So remember to treat these special gifts from Mother Earth, and some that the Star People brought here, with great respect and treasure them.

Thanking you all with love light and peace.

Nick Vye – Sanctuary