A season of birthday parties and I am in trouble


By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

My biggest weakness is that I usually do not remember birthday dates. This problem frequently creates problems for me.

I am lucky that my wife never made it an issue, whenever I forgot her birthday. One of the reasons perhaps is that if not I, it is mostly our children and friends and relatives who remind me beforehand. So I take all possible steps not to show that I had forgotten her birthday.

But it is not just regarding the birthday of my wife only. I always mix up the dates of birth of two of my three children. My eldest son was born on 29th July, which I do not forget. One of the reasons for not forgetting this is that my own date of birth is 29th (October). But at the same time I forget the date of 29 December, which is of my wife. I cannot seem to solve this problem, where I can remember 29th of July and 29th of October, but forget the 29th of December. But this is what has happened for the last 30 years.

My second son was born on 10th January, whereas my daughter was born on 2nd January. Their dates of birth are so close to each other, that I always remain confused as to which one was born on 2nd and which one on the 10th.

For me the season of birthdays starts from 29th December (my wife’s birthday), then 2nd January (my daughter) and 10th January (my son). Indeed it is really too difficult for me to mentally prepare myself for three consecutive birthdays within a very short span of time (just 13 days). Interestingly, the birthday of my boss too happens to fall within this period of time, which makes the total number of birthdays to 4.

So this period of 13 days, every year boggles my mind.

Luckily my children are also cooperative. They do remind me in time. But it does not work all the time. For example, just last week, on 2nd of January, I was phoned and asked to bring a birthday cake, when returning from the office. So I went to the bakery, got the cake, brought it home, but still trying to find out whose birthday was it on that day. My son or my daughter. Of course I did not ask anyone. The period of total confusion ended when I found  my daughter cutting the birthday cake. The question was solved for me. It was the birthday of my daughter.

Once the birthday of my daughter is celebrated on 2nd of January, it becomes easier for me to keep in mind that the next one would be of my son. But still, today (10th January) as we celebrated his birthday a little earlier, I had forgotten his birthday, until my daughter sent me a message to remind me to come home in time, to be part of his birthday celebration.

All this confusion has taken me to the best possible solution. I have started asking myself, do we really need to celebrate birthdays? Let someone say no, and I get relieved.

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