First event of 2019 at The Soulist (Alsancak) with Black Diamond


By Roland Eyerich ….

On Saturday the 5th of January, the Soulist had their first event of 2019 with Black Diamond Band.

After the great success of the “Soulist Christmas Market” on the 22nd and 23rd of December and the New Years Eve Party, the Soulist started the New Year with the opening act of the band Black Diamond, which was able to inspire the audience in the fully-packed “Soulist” with their entertainment program.

Black Diamond is a relatively new Cypriot band that was founded in August of 2018 and performed its 5th gig in the Soulist. Actually, with Gancelli in Turkish rock on the road (they play in the “Jolly Joker” in Kyrenia) they have for Black Diamond, the native Londoner Gary Pearce on board. Gary has lived in Northern Cyprus for 22 years. Gary is the entertainer.

The band for the performance in the Soulist:

Gary Pearce (lead singer), Ilhan Erbil (lead guitar), Mehmet Izbul (keyboard), Ufuk Aydogan (guitar and backing vocals) Can Kelik (drums) Osman Ibrahim (bass) Already the Soulist was crowded, Black Diamond started on time with their first set and opened the show with Money for Nothing by Dire Straits. Good start and Gary had packed the crowd and the good mix of the 70s and 80s songs did the rest.

The set list included songs by Dire Straits, Chris Rea, Tom Petty, Billy Idol, The Clash, The Blues Brothers, The Kinks, Neil Diamond and Robbie Williams. A very entertaining evening with “Entertainer Gary” who performed the songs in his own way and took the audience along. Each title was announced and presented. The highlight of the first set was “Running Down A Dream” by Tom Petty, which stood out especially through the guitar work of Ilhan Erbil. Just great as Ilhan solos in this song. He was the rock element in the show. The finale of the evening came after 2 hours with “Angels” by Robbie Williams.

Conclusion: Good show with music of the 70s and 80s, which thrilled the audience with a band that still has development potential.

For this January again, the Soulist has a varied program for music lovers. From gypsy jazz, rockabilly, blues rock and soul, a Jazz Matinee to a classical concert.

Forthcoming Events:

9th January – Wednesday (Çarşamba) – Hot Club of Cyprus (Gypsy Jazz) and the music of Django Reinhardt) 21:30

11th January – Friday (Cuma) – Rusty Slaps (RockaBilly) 21:30

12th January – Saturday (Cumartesi) – Alper Cengiz & Friends 21:30

13th January – Sunday      (Pazar) –  Breakfast with Jazz Jazz Matinee 10:00


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