My New Year’s Resolutions


By Peri Sualp….

Happy New Year everybody! 

We have just entered a brand new year. Fresh start, new hopes. 

Every  beginning of each year most people decide to realise the things that they are planning for a long time. Even if these are not written down, deep inside they make promises to themselves hoping to hold. With regard to this the New Year’s resolution has became popular in the last few decades, mostly in western societies. New Year’s resolution is a tradition now in which a person resolves to change an undesired trait or behaviour, to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise improve their life. 

Basically New Year’s resolution is a promise to change yourself but that promise usually never lasts long! You believe that new year’s motivation and inspiration is going to carry your behaviour changes. But the jolt of excitement at the beginning of the new year won’t last long and unfortunately you don’t rise to the level of your goals. You fall back to the level of your usual system of habits. 

Most of us aim at creating goals we can realize, we say things that we can’t resist like “quit smoking” or “lose weight” maybe to “read more books” or “exercise more and eat more healthily” or “learn to play an instrument.” According to my research on resolutions, these goals place the focus way down the road and we never make it far to the finishing line. 

So, what can we do to realise our New Year’s resolution? 

1-Most important thing is reality check. Look at the level of your possible commitment and then consider what it does require to achieve it and see if you’ll be able to match it. Does your goal really match with your life style? 

2-You can start with smaller resolutions, for example if you have a resolution of exercising more, instead of targeting to go to gym everyday you can start by maybe two days or even short walks in your neighbourhood. 

3-You can be specific with your goals. For example instead of saying “I’ll read more books”, you can say “I’ll spend one hour less on my phone everyday and instead I’ll read my book”

4-If you write down your goals you’ll feel more committed and you’ll have a much higher chance of accomplishing them. 

5– Make your resolutions public! If you share your goals, it will be more difficult to back out! And asking people to help with your resolutions is smart. 

6– Celebrate small successes. If you are aiming to lose 20kg and if you achieved  losing 5kg, reward yourself with a good book, new music or come together with friends (not with chocolate!)

7-DO NOT lose your motivation if you faltered or fall back from your way. You can always get right back on track. One fall back should not UNDO all your efforts. Instead of giving up, you need to figure out how to prevent it from happening again. 

8– And the utmost important thing is: Believe in yourself! There are lots of people in this world who have already achieved what you are aiming for. If they can do it then it is ‘achievable’ and YOU CAN DO IT TOO. 

Let me keep number 5 as advice and make public my own resolutions.

1– Exercise more and eat more healthily.
2– Be more organized and tidy.
3– Practice more piano.
4– Focus more on my lessons.
5– Help more to street animals.
6– More charity work and concerts for those who are less fortunate.
7– Go back to horse riding to get my license.
8– Learn to ignore the bullies and mean friends around me.
9– Learn to value more for those who care for me and worry less for those who don’t.
10– Try to love French.
11- Prepare my articles ahead of time and not last minute.
12– READ! (at least some).

We’ll check this list together at the end of this year. I’ll honestly share the results with you. 

I wish we all can realise our resolutions for a better us. Good luck to us all! 

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