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A Hope 4 Pets Happy New Year for Bob (Bruce) and Brian


By Margaret Sheard ….

As a cat lover, I always find the awful circumstances of some of the stray and unwanted cats in North Cyprus very distressing and the story of Bruce and Brian was just one of the sad events of 2 very sick kittens which Stephanie Harrison-Croft rescued and has nurtured back to health.

This is their story :

A few months ago Stephanie and Bill Harrison-Croft found a small kitten in a very bad state with a rotting mouth, eye infection and very malnourished (he was named Brian). Suddenly another kitten appeared also in a very bad state (he was named Bruce).   They were taken straight to the vet and their treatment started, which was ongoing for quite a long time.

I followed their progress with updates in our Hope 4 Pets pages.

Happy Sunday (2nd December) from Brian x

Brian on his return from the vets just now. He is doing really well with his treatment and his rotted mouth is healing so beautifully he is even managing to eat some biscuits as well now.  Thank you to everyone who has supported his recovery so far.

UPDATE. The lovely Brian is still doing well and continuing with daily injections and meds. His mouth continues to improve and heal. He has a voracious appetite and in just 13 days he has gained an astonishing 0.7 KG.  Keep going lad!

Also, great news that a forever home has been found for Bruce who was found at the same time as Brian, and is recovering well.

During this time I seemed to be very drawn towards Brian and Stephanie tried her utmost to persuade me to take him but as we have a large dog who is not at all keen on cats, I didn’t want to take the risk of taking

Bob (was Bruce)

him, only for him to disappear and become a street cat again.

The good news is that Brian now has a home with Michelle Martin and Ian, and Bruce (who is now called Bob) is also due to join them as soon as he is well enough.

Brian in his new home

This is Stephanie’s message :

Possibly the last rehoming of 2018 by H4P and no better way to end the year.

Here is Brian in his new home, happy and healthy with the wonderful Michelle Martin and Ian, thank you so much.

Brian is now getting used to his other new furry and lifetime friends.  Such a lovely positive way to end the year.  xxx

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  1. Well done to all concerned in bringing the two cats back to good health, often some of my days on holiday are spent getting cats neutered and feed, thank you all