Spontaneity by Nick Vye and a Christmas message


By Nick Vye ….
Sanctuary ….


A close friend of mine came to visit me. Have you Angel Cards she asked, I replied yes. These are small cards with one word written on them, eg; humility, forgiveness, patience etc.

After shuffling them, you close your eyes and subconsciously ask for what you need, then focus on it until it comes into your life. Come she said your turn and I picked the card SPONTANEITY which brought about the following article from my thoughts.

If in your life you have had the experience of spontaneity then you have been blessed.

There is no rhyme or reason or thought to explain this action. It just happens. It manifests in the deep recesses of the sub conscious at soul level, far beyond the control of the mind or thoughts.

This experience leaves you with a blissful state of being, as it comes from the soul’s love of life, for something other than ones own ego. Instinct is a variation of this. It is our true state of being, which we occasionally tap into.

Fear or guilt stops us most of the time from having this experience. If we could live this way in our lives with SPONTANEITY, then our lives would become richer and easier to live. So remember how you felt when SPONTANEITY hit you and let it happen again.

With love light and peace to you all….

Nick Vye – Sanctuary



At this special time of the year, when we stop to celebrate and get together with families and friends, we should spare a thought for those less fortunate in the world.  Sending thoughts of love and wellbeing to those areas and countries which are still at war with each other.

Remember what the message in Christmas is all about.  Sharing what we have with others, maybe food,  a donation, unwanted clothes etc.  A kind word here and there, a positive greeting to the sick and a helping hand when needed.

A small price to pay, when you have most things in life.  Enjoy this festive time but in reflection, remembering others who gave their lives for us. So let’s all give thanks for all we have and may peace come to all in the New Year.

With love light and peace to you all everywhere.

Nick Vye Sanctuary.