May 31, 2023


By Trevor Hughes……

BREAKING NEWS (30.12.18)……

My contact from one of the Government Departments has notified me that ALL Government Services such as MOTs, Driving Licences, Temporary Residence, Work Permits, and many, many more are subject to the 30% increase, with effect from 2nd January 2019, there are no exceptions.

Commercial Vehicle Registration

If you intend buying a large flat back vehicle from a private source, such as a Nissan Navara, Ford Ranger, or a Mitsubishi for example, because the Government Office’s class these as a commercial vehicle, able to carry large loads, your purchase could be for financial gain [as decided by the Authorities]. This is assuming your purchase is not registered in your company name of course. When registering the vehicle in your name, you will have to state in writing that your purchase is not for financial gain, before vehicle registration! There is no extra charge for this, but it will involve a certain amount of extra leg work and frustration if you don’t know how the system works.

Because it is considered a commercial vehicle, means your MOT will have to be renewed annually, not every three years as with a private vehicle. If you are found out by the Authorities that you are using the vehicle for financial gain, the fine will amount to 4% of the true value of said vehicle, not what you purchased it for.

Check with your insurance company first, because flaunting this Law could invalidate the insurance which could result in serious costs to you, especially if you are involved in a road traffic accident.

If you need help on this subject, contact me at Capital Bank in Alsancak [tel 0533 844 3403] and we will be of whatever help we can and even go and undertake the registration of the vehicle for you, if you so wish.

New Year Border Crossing

On Tuesday 1st of January 2019, the border check points will be open for traffic but the insurance offices will be closed, re-opening on Wednesday 2nd of January 2019. So, if you need to drive over the border and require up dating your border insurance, make sure your application for vehicle insurance is dealt with before the Bank Holiday.

All shops on the Greek side will also be closed on that day.

The Worst Floods in Living memory

Earlier this month, the TRNC witnessed the worst storm in living memory. Homes have been washed away, cars written off due to severe water damage and worst of all the loss of four young lives. The community as a whole have rallied round and contributed to a worthy cause, donating household items and monetary donations.

We donated a double bed, sheets, pillows and blankets. These were collected from our house by the Lapta Belediyesi and stored for distribution. A few days later we received a text message thanking us for our donation and assured us that it will be given to the most in need.

Capital Bank in Alsancak, has opened two accounts for the Lapta and Alsancak Belediyesi for anyone wishing to make a financial donation to this worthy cause. When you make your donation, you will be given an official receipt confirming your most welcome gift of kindness and concern.

No Claims Discount Recognition

Capital Sigorta have teamed up with an insurance company in the UK who, with written confirmation from us, will recognise any no claims bonus earned for good motoring and having a clean record on motor insurance here in the TRNC. This recognition is for Capital Insurance customers and could save them significant amounts of money, if they are returning to the UK on a permanent basis for whatever reason.

This facility has been hard won and is yet another reason for taking out car insurance with the market leaders in the insurance industry. For further information call into Capital Bank, Alsancak.

Even More Value for Money

With effect from January 1st 2019, new Capital Insurance customers will have the services of a locksmith in the event you have locked yourself out of your home, or broken your key in the main entrance to your home.

This service is a 24/7 facility to help you overcome a difficult situation and is an integral part of our home insurance policies.

Driving Licences

With effect from Wednesday 2nd January 2019, all driving licences will be increased by 30%. The actual charges will be posted on the next News Round. So much for tackling inflation!!

No doubt there will be other inflation busting increases coming through the “pipeline” on Government controlled services, which, when I find out what they are and how much I will post them on our News Round.

2019 MOT’s

When the dates for 2019 MOT’s are available I will post them on the next News Round. For private vehicles, next year’s MOT’s will not be needed before July 2019, so there is plenty of time.

Bayram Holidays

From Monday the 31st of December at 12 noon and Tuesday the 1st January will see all Government/local Government, Schools, Banks and some shops closed for this holiday period.

For any further information please email me through the contact box below.

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