Animal care

Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) news for week ending 21st December 2018


Two to Hong Kong

Monday morning (17th December) 05.30 was the start of a busy week for KAR Pet Travel. We had arranged to meet Daniel and Morgan and get them, and their boxes, ready for their journey to their new home in Hong Kong.

Their owners had gone ahead to organise “cat friendly” accommodation and Monday was the day set for the cats to leave TRNC. Everything was in place – Import permits, Export Health Certificates, vaccinations, health checks, acceptance agent.

The cats arrived at the Karakum office at 05.50 am and their box prep was completed. Everything went well at both Ercan and Istanbul and the cats arrived in Hong Kong on time but a bit bleary eyed (as too were we !).

Throughout their journey we kept updating their owner and the acceptance agent.

It was lovely to receive an update back !

“Just letting you know that the cats have arrived safely :). They are enjoying their new home:) “

We hope they have a wonderful new life in Hong Kong – what a great city view they have (but we hope that they do not suffer from vertigo !!!!)


Re-settled Pets

It is nice to hear from owners once their pets are settled.

Ian and Debbie – ” Thanks to KAR all went well getting our rescue dog Flossie back to the UK”

Rebecca – ” Hi everyone ,Two years after bringing our beautiful Lulu home, here she is enjoying the beaches or chilly Sunderland! She is transformed and loves life, running and the seaside! “

Catherine – ” They have settled in well. They keep looking over the fence for their field, so we walked them round the nearby cycle route and they enjoyed that”


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