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Başpınar spring site in North Cyprus cleaned by multinational group


News from Temiz Kibris/A Clean Cyprus ….
Introduction from Chris Elliott….

Following the postings on Temiz Kibris/A Clean Cyprus Facebook page which we also help to administer and promote, we have read with great delight and pride the posting from Diana Suyunshalina of another multinational clean up operation in Northern Cyprus.

“Today we have a cleanup in Başpınar.

The door of the spring was blocked all over with stones and mud. We cleaned about 3 hours before we could open the door.

Big respect to our mayor of Lapta Mustafa Aktuğ, and his Belediye men, who worked with us, on their day off, from the beginning until the end. It was not easy to pick up the heavy stones. But finally we did it. The place is safe now. And we are very happy to make one more place cleaner after the flooding.

Big thank to Acip Akcag and Engin Aksulu and to all our Russian speaking friends. You are great guys. It was another great day.”

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