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Bad Weather or Global Warming?


By Peri Sualp…..

Today my lovely readers … I will be writing about what my interpretation of global warming is and how we can slow it down! Lately I have had many concerns due to harsh weather conditions in North Cyprus. Last week was really horrendous and caused flooding, countless damage to buildings and roads, and even deaths. Is it a usual winter condition or is it because of global warming knocking on our door? So today’s article is about global warming!  What is global warming? Global warming is basically the dead end of our home – Earth! Global warming’s one and only cause is unfortunately humans. Global warming is specifically caused by greenhouse gasses created by humans! Greenhouse gasses are Carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and water vapour. And the only thing that speeds up those gasses are humans. Trees absorb CO2 (carbon dioxide) but unfortunately humans reproduction and growth covers more areas and spaces from everywhere, everyday!   Humans, being more spread out means wasting earth’s strength and increasing its weakness even more! So do you think we can stop global warming by completely taking greenhouse gasses out of our lives?

The answer is, a definite NO! We do need greenhouse gasses in our lives or else we cannot live! But not too much is needed because when that happens carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and water vapour all make a strong atmosphere that when the heat of the sun bounces on the earth and back to space, it can’t bounce back up! And that is also how greenhouse gasses have a big effect on global warming. Global warming happens when you drive and the fuel causes emissions!  Global warming happens when more factories are built! Global warming happens when trees are cut down! And most importantly, global warming happens when humans manufacture and keep the process going! So how can we stop global warming?

Storm damage pictures shared by TFR

We can’t!   Global warming has started already, you cannot put a stop to it. It’s the  system of nature!

That’s how nature works.  But for the next generation ahead of us,  (which I truly hope the number of people could be decreased by then) we can slow global warming down! Here are some helpful, useful alternatives and facts specially searched for you

-we can recycle

we can do things in more ECO friendly way

-we can plant more trees 

-we can turn down the heat in our houses and use energy efficient products (e.g low refrigerators)

-we can ride bicycles, take buses and perhaps walk      

-we can drive  smaller and energy  efficient cars  -we can install solar panels on our roofs to provide energy for our homes                                                                                      

-we can build locally grown or produced products to avoid wasting energy from shipping goods.

-we can erect more windmills

              -we can exchange our ideas on twitter/facebook/ etc.-we can turn off our computers when not in use

-turn off lights when not needed and do not waste water

( Considering the speed of our consumption, it wouldn’t be a surprise to have wars over water in the future! )      

Do you want your everything dead? Then it is time for strong action! If all humans participate and include themselves doing these things I have just mentioned, we will show a huge difference towards our home!

If we do not take steps to reduce global warming, it will lead to loss of human lives, plants and animals! We should all participate to protect our home. This is everybody’s duty. Thank you for reading my article…

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    • Thank you Hilda and many people are now responding to the need to save our environment through action

  1. Global warming awareness is so important nowadays. We already witness the negative effects of global warming not only somewhere else on our planet, but here in Cyprus! The ways to slow down global warming that you suggest are simple for everyone to do this. We should become more responsible for our actions if we want to preserve our beautiful planet for future generations. Thank you, Peri!

    • Thank you Natallia for reading and supporting my article. As you said the things we can do is so easy and if every each one of us participate our ‘home’ will become a better place to live. And we can leave a better environment for the next generations 😍