Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)


Unidentified flying objects. This really amuses me, as we have been seeing them for over 50 years in recent times and before that ancient civilisations left paintings and drawings and written records of them; more than a thousand years ago.

Even religious books like the Bible and many others mention bright lights descending from the skies and whirling, humming sounds etc.

The governments, military, police, air pilots and thousands of people have experienced seeing them. So by now it should read Identified Flying Crafts. Ex-Government officials in the USA, UK, Russia, and Germany have written books about them, control radar towers at many airports have seen them on their radar screens. Airline pilots are told not to speak about seeing them and we have many such photographs of them. Still we cannot, with all our present day technology, claim they exist. What a joke this is and how stupid do they think the intelligent people of today are.

I believe many that we see nowadays are our own built crafts with the help of advanced races from the universe, who have given us some information of how to build these devices for some years. It isn’t that they’re only seen at night, so governments can say, you’re mistaken it was a satellite etc going round in orbit. They have been seen and witnessed and photographed by professional people as well as the lay man. So come on now tell us the truth.

Astronauts have also admitted seeing them and they have filmed landing and leaving both from Mars and Venus. So what are they trying so hard to conceal from us all. Is it the fact they have made deals with these space visitors to gain advanced knowledge on technical discoveries etc. Or do they hesitate to admit we are minors when it comes to their technology and we are ignorant of the basic knowledge of their technology. (This is more like it).

Every time they set up a bureau to investigate these sightings, they come up with nothing and shut down again, telling us all they don’t exist. They can send rockets to the sun, crafts that land on Mars, even ones that have left our solar system but they still cannot identify U.F.O’s etc.

What is it that the major governments of the world, don’t want us to know, what is being hidden from us all and why, is the question we should be asking ourselves. It’s time now as we approach 20/20 to tell us what is really going on and not try to put down all the relevant sightings and photographs as a hoax. It has now gone on too long, come clean, what are they afraid to tell us. I bet it’s more than a greater mystery than U.F.O’s.

Yes I admit like anything unusual, there are hoaxes, false reporting, touched up photographs etc, some of this is done by the governments themselves to play down the attention and answers people are searching for. One day they will come clean, as it’s getting harder to suppress this information, let’s hope it happens sooner rather than later; so we can all come out of the dark and let the light of true knowledge shine all around us.

This again is my own knowledge and experiences of the above. With love light and peace to you all.

Nick Vye Sanctuary.