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Ziyamet Special Needs School is thriving and doing a great job


Introduction by Chris Elliott….

It was very nice to receive news from Mary Watson about the Ziyamet Special Needs School which Margaret Sheard and I had visited and written about many times.

Readers mail..
From Mary Watson

“The school term in September brought new developments to the Ziyamet Special Needs School.  Compared to four years ago, the school is thriving with 28 regular students from Ziyamet and the surrounding villages enjoying the range of facilities available.  The increase in numbers demonstrates the success of the school and the fact that more parents appreciate what the school has to offer.  It is expected that there will be over 40 students by February next year.

The Acting Head recently went on maternity leave but they have a full complement of 4 teachers with 3 additional young and enthusiastic ones joining the team.

Ziyamet Special Needs School presentation

L to R Art Watson, Zehra Vurana, Berın Bayır, Ahmet Çağanağa, Duygu Çıl, Bahar Ozyakup

The new physiotherapist Bahar Ozyakup has been with the school for 6 weeks and the students are already starting to see the benefit.

On Wednesday 28th November Art Watson and Claire Lamb visited the school laden with early New Year toys and chocolate and loved watching the children tuck into both.  Their smiles had to be seen to be believed and the MAD – Making A Difference Group are really grateful to Claire for organizing the goodies”