Ghosts and Apparitions by Nick Vye, Sanctuary


By Nick Vye …
Sanctuary …

Many people have seen ghosts or apparitions in their lifetimes.  These experiences come about when they (ghosts) appear in their usual habitats or places of extreme emotional happenings or traumatic events have occurred there.

These apparitions normally come about due to the fact that these people (ghosts) haven’t fulfilled something of importance in their physical lifetime before they died or suffered some extreme traumatic experience while dying or a tragedy of some kind.

They are unable to leave this physical world as they are still attached to it from their experiences here. So they are in, so to speak (no man’s land) a void between here and the next plane of consciousness. To them, they’re still carrying out the same basic duties or routine they had on earth. So for them they still exist here and think we are the ones not alive and try to make us aware of that with their presence. Because there is no time in that void, they can continue to stay in that state for a very long time. We generally experience these occurrences usually in old dwellings, castles, old mansions etc.

In time they will realise the situation they’re in and move on up, or help will assist them to. Mediums or Spiritual healers can also help them to let go and move on to a normal plane of consciousness, where they can be looked after and shown how their experience had come about.

Like anybody that has experienced heavy loss, emotional and mental breakdowns including traumas, these people need counselling and therapy to help them to re-adjust living their life here. So you can see the parallel I’m trying to explain re: ghosts and apparitions.

These sightings are not to be confused with other experiences of apparitions of past people like, saints, prophets, gurus etc. that may appear to people in times of difficulties or religious prayer etc.

Throughout history these facts and experiences have occurred and have been written about or recorded in records, and no doubt continues to occur in the future again. So we should not have fear of them, it’s only our lack of knowledge and understanding that makes it so.

These are my own personal experiences I write about and will differ from others you might have read about.

With love light and peace to you all

Nick Vye Sanctuary.