Can Kaya is Official Delegate in European Congress of Pharmacy Students Association


By Ahmet Abdulaziz…

Can Kaya, a 4th year student of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Cyprus International University (CIU), was voted as an official delegate in the 15th Fall Congress of the European Association of Pharmacist Students (EPSA) in Belgrade, Serbia.  

Kaya mentioned that the right to vote was given only to the CIU Pharmacy Student Association (CIUPSA) by the EPSA on the island of Cyprus and he stated that the university chooses one or two students as delegates to represent both CIU and the island of Cyprus every year.

He pointed out that he used his right to vote with sensitivity at the general assembly for the benefit of all Cyprus considering the future of CIUPSA and the universities represented by CIUPSA.

Kaya stated that there was an exchange of ideas about how pharmacy students can contribute to the phenomenon of change in pharmacy today in the Fall Congress and he explained  how the patient-pharmacist relationship can be improved more for public health.

Can Kaya stated that he took part in all the proposals in the general assembly, where the future of pharmacy students was discussed, as the official delegate of CIU, by considering the benefits and disadvantages of all the projects and reports presented at the congress.

He referred to the aim of the Board and he said it is aimed to make important decisions including changes to the EPSA regulations to ensure that the union is properly managed and students who participate in the general assembly as official delegates have an active role in making decisions related to pharmacy.