TRNC BTM Football League Season Begins


By Richard Beale …..

The BTM League 1 begins on Saturday December 1st, this season it has started early as normally in begins in April.


Basically it is Division 2 of the TRNC Football League, following behind the K-Pet Super League and K-Pet League 1. Like last season’s format the League it is divided into the Red Group and the White Group. The winners of each group automatically get promotion to League 1, the teams then finishing in second place in each League will face each other to decide on the third team to go up.

Likewise the bottom two teams of each League get relegated to the BTM League 2, that starts in April. The teams that finish bottom but one in each League again will play to decide who is the third team to get relegated.

The “revamped” League 1 is designed to improve the “standard of local football”, I think it will as there are some big name teams in both groups – Lapta, Tatlisu HOSK, Mehmetçik, Geçitkale and Görneç.

Also starting in December the players haven’t the task of playing in heat of April, May and June which from a players point of view and also a spectators one as well is a good thing.

WHITE GROUP                               RED GROUP

Dipkarpaz                                        Aydınköy

Dörtyol                                             Denizli

Gazıköy                                           Karaoğlanoğlu

Geçıtkale                                         Lapta

Görneç                                            Ortaköy

Mehmetçik                                      Tatlısu HOSK

Serdarlı                                           Yılmazköy

Türkmenköy                                   Zumrutköy


Some of the matches that are as near as possible to Expat areas are published on the Local League Football Fixtures Page.