At CyprusScene we fully support the need to cleanup North Cyprus and we observed that on the very active Facebook page Temiz Kibris/A Clean Cyprus the following posting was made from Diana Suyunshalina who is a key figure in the new cleaning movement here in the TRNC.

“A Russian speaking woman, who lives in Greek side contacted me yesterday.  She wrote: ‘I saw your video about cleanup with two mayors and I cried.

We do cleanups for three years, and the government have never ever helped us. We tried to get their attention, but they simply ignore us. How could you get the mayors to participate in your cleanups? I wrote to her: ‘We just invited them and they joined us’. She wrote: ‘We should go to our mayor and show this video to him’.

We did our first cleanup on the 2nd of October, and in less than two months so many things have happened. We have cleaned more than 10 places. And there are more on the way.

The best way to attract people is to be an example of yourselves. Our mayors : Firat Ataser and Mustafa Aktug did so, and the result was fantastic. And so did Nidai Güngördü and Hayri Orcan, and Abdullah Aktolgali and Savaş Namsoy.

Isn’t it great that the mayors listen to their people and join their activities. And most of the people, who we contacted, also participated in our cleanups.

Since our first cleanup almost every day miracles have happened.

It’s the best foreigner friendly country. We might have different views in politics, food, tastes, and so on, but all of us, who live here, have one thing in common: we want to live in a clean environment. And for this why don’t we unite together and put our energy and enthusiasm into making this beautiful place better. And first step is to share our messages, and the second step is participate in our cleanups, and then there would be the third step, and the fourth, and the fifth and at the end, this place turns to be the best country in the world.

Here is the video:”

Diana Suyunshalina