After-Life by Nick Vye


Not many of us give a thought to the after-life. Some of us think there’s no such existence and that once we leave this mortal coil that’s it.

Others who have a strong religious conviction believe that there’s another life beyond this one. Whilst there are others who have had near death experiences or out of the body experiences or those who have had different levels of beingness in another dimension or state of consciousness.

So we have a dilemma here, physicists now tell us, energy follows thought. Gurus tell us there are many planes of consciousness and other worlds. (Jesus said there are many rooms in my mansion).

Here are the experiences from others who have made this journey. Upon leaving the physical world, many recall going through a tunnel of light and a joyous state of feeling in their beingness. At the end of this tunnel awaiting them are all the people and animals they ever loved during their lifetime here. It is this love bond the major force in the universes that bonds all things together.

After the initial greetings, we then are shown our Akashic Record of our life time spent here and the comings and goings in our life and our reactions to them and the outcome of these actions. We are not punished for our wrong doings but are shown how we can make amends to them in another life time on earth or elsewhere.

Soul is indestructible and we leave only the physical body behind. Now moving into a light body that’s not so dense and heavy but looks finer and vibrates at a different frequency. We still have the same mental and emotional states we had before on earth. Only the physical body is not there. Everything else about us remains the same as our state of consciousness on earth when we were alive, so to speak.

We move to a state of being in the after-life that we had created in our physical life. (We reap what we have sown) so to speak. This subject is vast and cannot be explained in the few paragraphs I’ve written here. Like any subject it must be taught and explained by a trained teacher, like any other subject you wish to learn or experience.

Having studied nearly all my life from a young child, with many Masters here and from the past, I only write from my own experiences and ask no one to accept my views.

With love, light and peace to you all.

Nick Vye Sanctuary