June 9, 2023


By Nick Vye – Sanctuary …

We now know that there’s more than one universe, as so called science tells us.  The mystics have been telling us this for years but we have to wait until science says so.

Why do we not listen to other voices and put all our trust on these so called learned men; who have not experienced anything outside of their normal state of consciousness.

There are inter-dimensional states of being, that like a radio station has to be tuned into the right frequencies to experience them. Also there exists parallel states of being. Many different life forms exist, some have no form and are just pure intelligence. So we are definitely not alone  but are advancing at a rate, where soon we will be able to share with them.

It’s just that we are so far behind their development and spiritual understanding. Almost like a new born baby, who you communicate with but only their eyes can acknowledge you.

On earth also there exists in certain places, buildings etc that cannot be seen physically but exist there in another vibrational frequency. These you can only see and experience if you increase your own vibrational state of consciousness. Example looking through what is called your third eye, situated between your eyebrows.

There are places that just have a higher level of energy that you can sense when in their location, like standing stones, monoliths, sacred sites etc etc. Many people are aware of this or have experienced different states of being whilst there in those sites.

Because these frequencies are finer and faster, science is only now able to detect them. Their view before was that the slower and heavier these were, the more powerful they became. The opposite of this is true and even hospitals treating cancer patients  with lasers and radiation are getting better results now, giving lighter, shorter doses.

So as we now begin to reach an enlightening period of technical growth as 20/20 approaches, we should see more beneficial improvements to our lives and understanding of the universe to which we belong and are all part of.

With love light and peace to you all.

Nick Vye Sanctuary

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