I was in hospital in the TRNC


By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

Do not get excited by the heading of this article. I am not sick, and I am as healthy as before. Nothing happened to me. But I spent 2 days and 3 nights in a local hospital in Lefkoşa.

My eldest son, who is a Kickbox black belt Second Dan, was complaining about loss of hearing in one of his ears, for the last couple of years. He had been to see doctors, both here and in Turkey. The general consensus in the end was that he needed surgery for his ear. Personally I was never in favour of surgery, but ultimately found no other way out, and agreed to let him have the surgery.

He was assigned a day for his operation in the local hospital. He had a successful operation, while we as family waited for him outside the operating theatre. He was semi-conscious when brought back to his bed, his left ear bandaged. We were told that he should not  turn his neck, nor sit up or get out of the bed for the first 24 hours.

Of course it was he who was going through a difficult period, but we as family were also getting our share of the ordeal.

My wife and I shared our duties as his caretaker in the hospital. My wife stayed with him for the first two days and nights, as she as his mother wanted to attend to her son. The weekend duty was assigned to me. So I stayed with him the whole weekend, days and nights.

After the first 24 hours he was quite well, but of course he had to be very careful. He was not allowed to lie on his left side. He was not allowed to move abruptly. He was just allowed to get out of the bed only to go to the toilet. He was allowed to sit back. He had started eating properly, and there was no serious problem  any more. The doctors wanted to keep  him in the hospital for a week, as they wanted to see the results of the surgery.

However the only problem that he was facing was Vertigo, feeling giddy. He was feeling himself sinking whenever he moved his head. We were told that it was normal in surgery cases like this.  But still we were worried. My duty as his caretaker was to accompany him to the toilet and back. Although he was cautious and careful and walked very slowly,  I was always very cautious while walking by his side. Luckily nothing ever happened during this one week.

One week has passed, he is still in hospital. His situation is much better. Still he is supposed to remain in the bed for most of his time and he is not allowed to turn his head left. Still his ear is bandaged and he is not allowed to take any action abruptly. Still he has to be conscious. But his situation has improved manifold. His vertigo has reduced, but not fully gone. He is improving fast, and can now take care of himself.

After my wife had spent two nights, and myself three nights, with him in the hospital, he has asked us not to stay with him in the hospital any more, as he is much better now. However, my wife is still spending most of her daytime with him, just to give him company, as his biggest problem is that he is now fed up with being in hospital.

So he wants to come home , but still the doctors are cautious. They are very careful and are monitoring his condition. We expect that he will be released from hospital in a couple of days. However, as we have been told, he will have to be very careful while moving his head for the next few weeks. He will not be able to drive for over a month.

With all this, what we all are more interested in is to see him recovering well and regain the hearing of his left ear.

Apart from everything the days and nights that I spent in the hospital are unforgettable days of my life, as it was my ever first chance to stay in a hospital.