Zebra Crossing and Bus Stop to the west of Haspolat Junction removed


The zebra crossing to the west of the Haspolat junction has been removed to ensure traffic safety. 

A more secure crossing will be placed at the same spot. Work for providing a more secure crossing for pedestrians is continuing. The timeline for the completion of the project will be made public in the coming weeks.

A “no pedestrians” sign had been erected on the spot of the removed pedestrian crossing therefore it is vital that pedestrians do not to cross the road at this point, for their own safety.  In addition, the bus stop at the same spot towards Lefkoşa was dismantled by the Highways Department on Saturday 10th November. Crash barriers will be erected at the spot to prevent buses from entering the discontinued bus stop pull-in.

The bus stop will be moved to another area when the necessary safety precautions have been put into effect.

Source Ministry of Public Works and Transportation