Spiritual Energy is neutral,  by Nick Vye


By Nick Vye …
Sanctuary …

People talk a lot about energy, good energy, bad energy, all the time nowadays.

They say, good vibes or bad vibes when they are talking. What people don’t seem to realise is that energy is neutral, not good or bad.

It’s how that energy is used that defines what it will become. If we use it for the upliftment of ourselves or mankind, then it becomes positive energy. If we use it to control others, devalue others, or harm others, it becomes negative and destructive energy. So be careful how you use it and in your thoughts too, as energy follows thought.

An old saying in the bible by Jesus – Guard your thoughts, as you don’t know what they might bring about.

When we focus our attention on something or somebody, picturing them in our mind’s eye (third eye) energy follows that thought. This is how it is possible to connect or heal people at great distances away from where you are. Also intuition is when we pick up those thoughts or feelings from others instinctively as they focus their attention or feeling on us. Whether it’s good or bad the result is still the same.

So remember, try to keep those positive thoughts and feelings going – who knows where they may lead you.

I’m here I believe for the benefit of everyone else.

With love, light and peace,

Nick Vye The Sanctuary